Writing & Photography

Kristin’s work through public relations and feature writing has contributed to national and international media placements for over ten years. Documenting her world through photography starting at a young age, she continues to circle the globe and record what she sees and feels...opening eyes and inspiring hope and intrigue.

Some of the locations featured in her exploration archives: France, Portugal, Spain, England, Italy, Greece, Thailand, Malaysia, Maldives, Caribbean, Mexico, Seychelles, Bahamas, Fiji, Bali, New Zealand, South Africa, Swaziland, Belize, Papua New Guinea, Panama, Cuba, Solomon Islands, Australia, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, Pacific Northwest, southeast coastal United States, Hawaii…and the adventures continue! FEATURES - REEL


Passion Projects

Actively involved in philanthropy and nonprofit development throughout her career, Kristin now engages selectively with causes close to her heart, bringing expertise and experience to assist in the launch and growth of important initiatives.

In 2016, partnered with Sven Lindblad, their contributions supported the work of RARE Foundation, The Safina Center, Raising Malawi, Dr. Tom Catena through The Heart of Nuba, Sailors for the Sea, Syrian refugees through the International Rescue Committee, Haitian Relief efforts through St. Boniface Haiti Foundation, Water CharityClandestine Crossing and the filmwork of David Fedele, the Polynesian Voyaging Society and HokuleaCoral Vita, Tompkins Conservation, the Nature Conservancy, and the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.