Kristin Hettermann supports valuable projects, causes, and initiatives through visual and literary storytelling, dynamic local-global influence, and brain trust collaboration.

As a writer and photographer, her goal is to produce work that elicits feelings, questions, and a desire to experience life deeply and consciously. Kristin strives to share positive stories, document the earth and its cultures, inspire people to explore, encourage the balance of mind-body-spirit through holistic life practices, and raise awareness for important causes- particularly the protection and restoration of the worldโ€™s oceans. Read recent features, see the world through her eyes. Kristin serves as an ambassador to the Ocean Conservancy and Oceanic, Alliance Partner for Mission Blue, and field ambassador for luxury adventure luggage brand Arlo Skye. Her environmentally-focused awareness work is often featured on Scientific American and the Virgin platforms, and she shares wellness stories through her blog on Thrive Global. Her oceanscapes fine art collection was recently featured by SDG Media Zone for their efforts during The Ocean Conference presented by the United Nations in June of 2017.

With decades of experience in public relations, brand development, and communications strategies in the corporate sector, Kristin spent the majority of her career helping individuals, companies, and initiatives communicate their stories through imagery, story, and spirit; helping start-up, non-profit, and small business ventures launch and grow important initiatives. Educational notes include a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in French and Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia with college coursework through Vanderbilt University in France and the University of Pennsylvaniaโ€™s Wharton Undergraduate School of Business.

Why Grace Delivers?

A sabbatical led Kristin to paradise in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the magical island of Maui, from Charleston, South Carolina in 2008. Just after arriving, she had a dream where she envisioned Grace Delivers, and her brand mantra was born. The journey since has led her around the world a few times over, following her passion for travel and exploration, launching and growing brands, and raising awareness for important ideas. Her depth and breadth of connections creates a unique community of like-minded people that want to live consciously and make a difference.

Kristin explains her philosophy: The word grace has many layers of meaning and also, great power. Everything presented with grace seems to have a special dignity. Grace Delivers is my personal conviction to stay true to "grace"- I believe a world with more grace would be a kinder, gentler and more successful place, and I am committed to my role in that. 

Always a global ambassador, if it involves adventure, discovery, and inspiration...the answer is yes.